Medals and coins with mint-made errors are found very interesting especially among numismatists. Some of these appear in circulation because they have been overlooked, as was the case with the silver medal minted in the United States in 2005. On its obverse we can see the image of John Paul II, while its reverse says "Joseph Ratzinger". Another example of a mint-made error can be found on a Portuguese medal, with a misspelled motto "TOPUS TUUS".

In our Museum you can find a silver coin with St. Peter’s Basilica featured on both its obverse and reverse, and another one, featuring the profile of John Paul II on both sides. In our collections you will also find a so-called "destruct coin" which, in this particular case, is a doubled die, as well as unfinished coins to which no adjustment by filing has been applied. We have also been lucky to acquire a set of four German medals wrapped in a foil with an original seal of the issuer’s bank.

In the museum there is also very rare, almost unprecedented in the numismatic market gold coin with a value of 500 Haitian gourdes from 1983. These coins were minted in 1000 copies. Three years later there was military coup and because of associated with it chaos coins went missing. More likely, most of the coins were melted down and the rest plundered. The coin is so rare that even in the Fisher catalog the data relating to the weight or size of that edition does not match. We managed to get this extremely rare coin, thus you have the opportunity to see it in our museum.

In order to display both the obverse and the reverse of coins and medals, two specimens of a majority of items are exhibited in the Museum. This refer to arround 90% of all pieces found in our collections. In case of these items of which we have only one specimen, the reverse is displayed on a photograph. The founders of the Museum have also made an effort to draw attention to the feature of coins which is often overlooked by the viewers, namely their edges. Among our pieces you will find coins and medals with a smooth edge, reeded edge, partially reeded adge, and an edge covered with lettering for example the coin which has been minted especially for the Museum to celebrate its opening.


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