Publicated: 2014-09-23

On August 26th at the Museum we hosted the mayor of Altötting - a German town in Bavaria.

Publicated: 2014-09-23

During the evening  meeting "With John Paul II to the future" in August 2014 we hosted father Jan Golonka, curator of votive collections at Jasna Gora Monastery.

Publicated: 2014-09-23

August 14th, once again, we hosted representatives of NATO. The soldiers came to Czestochowa for the annual pilgrimage and traditionally visited our museum.

Publicated: 2014-09-23

In the evening meeting "With John Paul II to the future" in July 2014 we hosted Bishop Antoni Dlugosz.

Publicated: 2014-09-23

Swiss Guard - officially the oldest military unit in the world - visited Czestochowa

Publicated: 2014-09-23

June 18, 2014 - the Museum held another meeting "With John Paul II to the future". Our guest was Father Sebastian Matecki.

Publicated: 2014-09-05

On the occasion of the anniversary of the pontificate of John Paul II, we invite collectors, hobbyists, collectors of memorabilia of John Paul II to I International Collectors Meeting, which will be held on 29-30.XI.2014 from 10.00a.m. at the Museum of Coins and Medals of John Paul II.

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Publicated: 2014-06-18

The most valuable canonization coin in the world "Ioannes Paulus II pretiosus Electrum" is now in our museum. This coin is a real breakthrough in the art of numismatic interest. It is the world's first gold coin in the shape of Poland and is the successor of the great numismatic success - Ioannes Paulus II Maximus. On the coin there is amber medal with the facial profile of John Paul II made ​​by world-famous artist - Mariusz Drapikowski.

Publicated: 2014-05-30

Below we present the photorelations of the May meeting "With John Paul II to the Future", with father  Wladyslaw Gasidło pastor of St.Anna's Academic Collegiate in Krakow, author of many publications in the field of pastoral care of families and conjugal ethics.

Publicated: 2014-05-15

Our museum was enriched with a new exhibit. These are the leaves of the olive branch that John Paul II used to bless the faithful at St. Peter's Square during his last  Palm Sunday.

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