Publicated: 2011-12-30

Children from Foundation Pro Omnibus in our museum

Yesterday, we had the pleasure to host in our museum charges of the  Foundation of Initiatives for the Disabled Pro Omnibus from Ciechocinek. After visiting the museum, the young people played a mini concert at our museum stage.

Publicated: 2011-10-21

New exhibits from Palau

From the 30th September  we have in our collection one dollar coins from The Republic of Palau commemorating John Paul II and his efforts to bring closer different cultures and religions.

Those coins were minted in a number of 1500 pieces, they weigh 27grams, and have 38,61mm diameter. They are made of silver with colourful sticker on reverse, with the photo of event and papal coat of arms.

Publicated: 2011-10-21

New exhibits

We have new exhibits in the section of countermarks. We managed to get two complete sets of 10zł coins from1932 in Cu, Pb, Au, Ag commemorating the fourth and the fifth Pope’s  pilgrimage to Poland. We also have countermarks on 2zł and 5zł coins from 1932 from Pope’s VII visit in 2002.

Publicated: 2011-10-21

On 28th September we hosted a special guest Archbishop Mieczysław Mokrzycki metropolitan of Live, secretary of Pope John Paul II.

Publicated: 2011-10-13

The Museum is open - Welcome!

On the 14th September the museum was opened for visitors. We kindly ask for earlier reservation via On-line Reservation or at the phone number 34 365 19 82. We are   open from Tuesday to Saturday with two admissions a day – at 12.00 and 2.00 pm.

Adult ticket is 14 PLN and child ticket is 9 PLN.  Our facilities are designed to be fully accessible to our disabled guests.

At the museum you can buy souvenir medals and catalogues. We will soon open a café where you can try delicious coffee, ice cream and the Pope’s favourite cream-cakes.

Publicated: 2011-08-22

We already know the date of opening the Museum for public.

We invite our first visitors on Wednesday – 14th September.

Publicated: 2011-08-22

From the beginning of creating our collection, all the exhibits were photographed and described. In a natural way it developed into a printed catalogue.

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Publicated: 2011-08-22

According to our earlier announcements we are presenting the averse and the reverse of the medal commemorating the opening of The Museum of coins and medals.

Publicated: 2011-08-22

The museum of coins and medals commemorating John Paul II in Częstochowa was officially opened on the 11th of August 2011. More than 5,5 thousands of exhibits are presented in a newly built part of the building of President Electronics Poland, in Jagiellońska street no. 67/71

John Paul II saint from


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