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Museum of Coins and Medals Commemorating John Paul II
in Czestochowa

ul. Jagiellonska 67/71
42-200 Czestochowa, Poland

tel. +48 34 365 19 82

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With John Paul II to the future – Father Marian Duda

Publicated: 2014-11-18

During the evening meeting ”With John Paul II to the future” on October 18th we hosted Father Marian Duda.


"Quis ut Deus" - new exhibit in our Museum

Publicated: 2014-11-17

Our Museum has been enriched with a great new exhibit. It is the statue of Michael the Archangel, by Mariusz Drapikowski, a well-known Polish sculptor and amber artist. The very interesting genesis of this unusual work can be read in the expansion of this article.


Archbishop Wacław Depo

Publicated: 2014-09-29

On september 19th we had pleasure to host Archbishop Wacław Depo with his friends from Warsaw publishing Adam.

About us

The collection of coins and medals commemorating John Paul II found in our Museum is the largest and the most beautiful in the world. In no other place can be found such a large number of numismatic artifacts which feature the Pope who has such a special place in the hearts of the Polish people.

Only in our Museum you can see:

  • Beatification coins and coins from the period between the wars and immediately following the World War II, the so-called countermarks.
  • 12-ounce gold coins with the face value of 200 thousand zł minted in the 1980s, including the most important one of which only 5 specimens were minted, marked with the word "sample" (Polish: "próba").
  • A very valuable coin from the island of Haiti, which is a rarity on the numismatic market.
  • One-kilogram coins – minted from all metals.
  • The smallest gold coins which weigh merely half a gram each.
  • Coins minted by all methods known to numismatists.
  • Coins decorated with Swarovski crystals.
  • The unique author’s versions of coins and medals, both cast in gypsum and minted from metal.
  • Replicas of the coat, stole, ring, zucchetto and crosier which belonged to John Paul II.

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