Our Museum has the collection of over one thousand five hundred coins with the image of John Paul II. The newest one was minted in the middle of 2011, while the oldest ones came from 1932 (for an explanation of this fact we invite you to visit the Museum). Among real rarities we can mention the coin minted in 1987 from gold, with the nominal value of two hundred thousand zł, of which only five specimens have ever been minted, and a coin from the island of Tahiti minted in 1983.

The largest items in our collection have the diameter of 140 mm and weigh up to 1000 g. They have been minted from various metals. As for the smallest coins on display, they weigh merely half a gram and have been minted from gold. Among these there is a Polish gold coin commemorating the Pope’s beatification, which weighs one gram.

In our Museum you can admire coins minted by all methods known to numismatists, featuring: proof finish, standard finish, tampography, as well as enamelled coins. They have been minted from such metals as: gold, silver, niobium, copper, lead, aluminium, cupronickel, bronze, brass, tin, zinc and acrylic. There are also coins decorated with Swarovski crystals.


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Access from Jasna Góra: bus line no. 19 from Komenda Miejska Policji, direction Kucelin Szpital or Walcownia, to Makro bus stop.

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